March 7, 2010

Get Cash Back On the New Shiseido Travel Size Sunblock!

sunblockThis is a necessary, albeit not life shattering, message from your self-proclaimed Ebates beauty junkie. I am fully aware that I have written about the subject of sunblock more times than I really care to count. And yes, I am aware that everyone knows the importance of sun protection, especially in this day and age. But I know how you can try one of the highest SPF, best-for-your-skin sunblocks for less, with cash back from Ebates and a free gift!

When I stumbled upon this Limited Edition size Shiseido 'Ultimate Sun Protection' SPF 55, at Nordstrom for just $19.50 with 3.0% Cash Back, special $5 shipping with a free gift offer, I knew it was a great deal that must be shared! Now, I know that is a lot of information to process at once, let me break it down. Normally, a full-sized bottle of this Shiseido sunblock costs $35, which is a hard price tag to swallow, even for such a great product. But, the limited-edition size (which is great for travel or a perfect introductory size or can be easily thrown in your purse for on the go) is just $19.50. Yes, the larger size may be a better value, but it is nice to try something that comes in under $20, especially when just a little of this product goes such a long way. Plus, when you add cash back into the mix, the Nordstrom $5 shipping offer (on orders of $50 or more with code BEAUTY), and Shiseido's fantastic free gift offer (see site for details) you have lots of savings coming your way. 

Shiseido was one of the first to fuse skin care and sun care, and this sunblock has tons of good-for-your-skin ingredients, works perfectly under makeup, and lasts all day without being greasy or chalky. Get your travel size now for just $19.50 and keep your skin protected on the go!

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