February 18, 2009

For Those of You Missing Cash Back Payments

Please, be patient, folks. We know that it is incredibly unlike us here at Ebates to be late on your payment, but due to a handful of merchants not paying us we don't have the money to pass on to you right now. We assure you that you will be paid for all credited purchases you've made - there is never a question about that; we are just experiencing a lag time in payment to us, and therefore payment to you. I am re-printing a letter from Kevin, our CEO, that most of you should be receiving in your inbox some time later today:

Dear Ebates Member,
You may have noticed that your cash back payment from Ebates has not yet arrived - but please rest assured that your payment is in process.
Given the challenging retail climate, a large number of our retail partners have been slow to pay our commissions for purchases you made in November and December, and these commissions are what allow us to pay your cash back rebates. To ensure the largest possible payout, we have delayed processing your payment until the last possible moment. We will complete processing and send a payment this week that reflects all purchases for which we have received payment from the retailer.
Any payments not received by Ebates as of today and paid this week will be sent to you in a special payment as soon as we receive them. You will still see these orders as cash pending in your Ebates' account.
Our goal remains to pay members cash back as quickly as possible and we apologize for this inconvenience.
Kevin H. Johnson
President and CEO

Again, I just ask that you bear with us - you are not alone, you will be getting money as soon as it is available to us, and if you have any questions, please contact our customer care department.


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I did try to contact customer service with a question about this the other day, but they never responded.......

I tried to contact customer service as well and no response. I just lucked out and found this area. It would be nice if they would have sent out a mass email so that we would know the situation.

Jessica, me too! I have sent a couple of emails in the last few days with no response; I also didn't get this communique from Kevin Johnson in my email, contrary to what this blog says.

Very frustrating.

Ladies -- I just talked to Dylan, the head of our customer service dept. and he said that they are just now getting to e-mails sent Tuesday morning. With the thousands of e-mails we've gotten about this situation, it has taken some time to get through them all.

Thanks for your patience, and please try to bear with us.

I too, contacted customer service with no response. And, I've not, as yet, received the email that they said should be arriving later today. This is my first time due a payment. Has anyone ever actually received their "cash back" payments?

Indeed - I've emailed several times and no reply. Perhaps ebates would be kind enough to let all of us know which retailers are slow to pay...! I certainly don't want to send my hard earned dollars to a merchant that can't pay it's obligations - what would happen if I had a problem with my purchase?

And agreed: Ebates should send each of us with "delayed" payments a personal email (email's still free, right?), and let us know that no only is there a delay, but exactly how much longer they expect the process to take.

Times are tough all around - good communication keeps customers loyal.

I realize this is an embarrassment for you, but your communication on this issue has been lacking, and highly unprofessional. I had to come LOOKING for it. No notice was ever received, as you promised. I would hope that you've suspended service to those companies who are not paying you in a timely fashion. I want to know who they are, because I don't intend to give them my business if this is how they dishonor contracts.

I just received my payment this am - Barnes and Noble and Shoe Buy didn't pay. They won't be receiving my business. I pay my bills on time, so should they.

Jeannie, I have been an Ebates member for years, and YES I have received many checks -- ALL on time.

However, I am concerned about this one -- no response either from Customer Service, and I too feel their communication has been worse than lacking. I stumbled upon this blog as well, which is the first acknowledgement I have seen about the delay.

What has been said in their missive has not been done, however -- no e-mail from Kevin Johnson, no e-mail from Customer Service, and no partial or full check deduction from Cash Pending, as they said a check would go out this week.

This has made me reluctant to use Ebates now, and I am thinking of turning to Lucky and other sites offering cash back rewards.

Information is needed, and they should inform us better.

This was supposed to be my first cash back payment from ebates and I am very disappointed. You could've been proactive and told people before the 15th that payments would be late. Instead you post an obscure message on your blog that I'm guessing most people don't even bother looking at DAYS AFTER THE PAYMENTS WERE LATE! Telling people to contact customer service is disingenuous at best since they are not replying to emails and no one seems to be answering the phone. Then to tell people that the CEO wrote an email and that we should receive it in our inboxes, I don't know what else to call that but a lie. Anyone receive the email? I know I didn't. I sure don't like the pattern of behavior this looks like.

Greetings again, I've been trying to address concerns individually, and I want to make one more mass announcement.

I don't know why the e-mail didn't go out.

The reason you are not hearing from customer service is that they have received over eight thousand e-mails over the past three days, and we're only human, and deal with each e-mail on a case by case basis. We sent out a majority of the missing payments yesterday, and are continuing to work on getting everything squared away. We ask for your patience as we sort through this mess.

Ditto from other comemnts. Late afternoon on Friday, the 20th, sill no payment (owed ~$98), and no form of communications beyond this blog. I've been a long time user of Ebates and this is the first time I've experienced any issues. My continued use of Ebates (as there are many other portals) depends upon how they respond (or don't) when an issue like this arises. I'm disappointed personally to read that the 'majority' of missing payments were sent on the 19th. Ebates, I'm waiting.

Same old story. Been calling and emailing and no responses. Just happened to come across this. I certainly never recieved their letter of explaination.

I am also still waiting for my payment. I understand the problems that have arisen, however, I too agree that a mass e-mail should have been sent. I promote Ebates on my blog, but this is my first payment, and I am not happy. If I hadn't found this blog, I wouldn't have known what was going on!

I agree with Dave-I have been an ebates member for years and absolutely have loved the service and received all payments on time. However, I did not receive any email or response from customer service. Since I have received no payment as yet, am I to assume that ALL the merchants I purchased from are delinquent in payment. I have trust that ebates will apply my payment shortly and have continued to order through this portal. I pray that they dont betray my trust and also that this is a one time incident.

I am seriously disappointed in the lack of professionalism and poor communication on the part of ebates. I have been a customer of ebates for more than a year and was loyal but then I did not receive my February 15th check and nor did I receive ANY communication. I understand customer service is overloaded but that problem could have been prevented by a single mass email. It is now 2/21 and I have not yet received my payment nor a response to emails. How difficult would it have been to post an announcement on the ebates site when logging in? Oh, wait a minute, that would have let future possible cusomers know of the unprofessionalism of ebates. Customer service is what makes it in this tough climate and ebates you have failed on this one.

I guess I have google to thank since that is the only way I found this information. I have been an ebates member since 2000 and this is the first time I have not been credited. No repsonse to emails, no emails in my box about it - nothing. Very disappointing the way it was handled. I do know that some people have received their money and others did not. Was it randomly selected who would and would not get paid? I am expecting aproximatley $75 to be credited...sigh

I can add myself to the list of those that haven't received payment or any email from Ebates in regards to the issue. I have sent two emails to their customer service department this weeke with no response as well. I just happened to find the link to this blog on another site. I'll hold off on using Ebates until I see my payment.

No check yet here either and no email, I've been waiting and watching and just happened upon this blog.

I have contacted customer service 3 times concerning my Ebates check that was supposed to go out on 2/15 and no response whatsoever. If checks were processed/mailed on 2/19, mine obviously was not part of them. I cannot express enough my disappointment in using Ebates and the total lack of communication in handling this matter. I just happened to stumble across this site trying to explain what had happened. At this point, I am not sure if I will continue to be an Ebates customer!!

I agree w/ everyone about the lack of communication. Very disappointed since I have always thought very highly of Ebates. I have not received my check yet nor does my account indicate that a payment was sent.
What is going on??
And, yes, I think we should be told what merchants are not paying. I wonder if they are paying other sites?

Seems to me that the honest thing to do is post this information on the Ebates Homepage! I did a google search - and found this blog. I also am waiting for a large rebate, close to $100! The way this is being handled is so disappointing!

I found this via a friend who posted the link on a forum. If this is the problem, why didn't Ebates post this on the front page of their website??? Probably would've saved them the tons of emails they're getting now, including mine :(

guys, come on. I still think ebates is great. During this economy down turn, a lot of retailers are having trouble and let's just give them a break. If we were counting on the cash back from ebates for some important expense we have, I think we had the wrong attitude. let's appreciate that we have websites like ebates so that we can save a little when we shop online and not push them out of business because of too many bad comments being spread around.

Still no cashback.

Same here. No check, no responses, heck this is the second time I am trying to leave a comment. Maybe the majority got their late checks, but now the 23rd and still nothing for me. Never got a letter or anything. Just happened to find this info while searching around. Been a member since 2001 and this is very frustrating to not even be able to get answers.

I never got the email either. Now ebates shows that my payment was sent through 2 days ago, but paypal has no record of the payment, so I still don't know what's going on.

This is so strange... I've been with Ebates for over seven years and have been really HAPPY! I have received 24 rebate checks on time. They have also always been terrific with getting back to emails within one day. However, now I'm very discouraged because the $200.00+ check they owe me contains over 20 different stores. Does that mean all of those stores have not paid Ebates? If that is true, they will not be receiving my business anymore. Ebates, please communicate with your customers so we know what is going on. Praying everything works out well for all concerned. Thanks!

And now it's the 23rd and I never recieved my Paypal payment, or note or partial payment...nothing. I agree; this is not good PR at all and we who devotedly use your service deserve more.

I just want to be fair and post a follow up of my recent post. I received an email from Bob, with an apology and an explanation. I appreciate him taking the time to contact me about the situation. I also received my Ebates payment today so I am back to shopping :)

Um... I think by "Bob" that Theresa meant "Bill"

At least I hope so... ;)

I will stay away from ebates even if I eventually got the cashback.

Things happened this quarter will definitely happen again next quarter.

anyone else still waiting for their payment like me?

I am going to post the link of this blog to my blog, website, and the forums I frequent so everyone can stay away from Ebates unless they fix this quick!

I too have recieved a response from Bill and that is much appreciated to know someone is working on the issues. I did recieve my payment yesterday also. It is short, but the non payer is still there pending so I am in hopes that I will recieve the rest when that is worked out.

No check, no response to my 3 contacts to customer service and no letter from ebates in email as "promised". 0 for 3 so far... and it's 9 days after the date I was expecting. Not feeling to great about all the folks I've encouraged to try ebates.

No payment for me yet either...Part of my payment is a bonus from Ebates, the other from Barnes and Noble and Drugstore.com.

I got a nice email response from Bill today and he said that my payment their "record shows that [my] payment was finalized [02/23/09] for the whole amount of your payment."
Even though I still don't have my payment yet (finalized but not paid?) I do suggest everyone post here regarding their experience and maybe Bill the professional guy can help you out.

By the way, I successfully referred 7 people to Ebates since the beginning of December and boy, they are mad at this mess.

I still haven't received my check and no response from my emails to ebates. I have several merchants (Target) and an ebates bonus in there.

Still no check! anyone else?

Still haven't received my $$$ yet. Classic "the check is in the mail" I guess....

I too have not received a check by mail that was sent on 2/18/09.

this was going to be the first check i would have received. I was suspicious about a program like this and now my suspicions are confirmed. I haven't referred anybody yet, thank goodness, because I wanted to see if this was legit or not. My check is a measly $30 and I guess since I haven't been a member for very long, I'll probaby wait the longest. no email, no contact, nothing.... very disappointed. Like others I only stumbled onto this blog to know what was going on.

Like everyone else, I am disappointed by the unprofessional manner in which this situation was handled. I found the link to this blog on a message board - otherwise I also would have been left to wonder and overload the CS department with questions. "ebates" has no problem sending me a weekly e-mail about the latest store, sale or offer - but a simple explanation concerning a delay in payment was beyond them?

My check shows as sent earlier this week - minus two shopping entries. Interestingly enough - the two stores are still listed as available shopping sites (I checked.)

I can't help but think a lot of business will be lost over this situation. Loss that could have been prevented with a proactive communication to members. We all understand the current economic situation; what we can not understand is poor customer service. I have been a member since 1999 and never had a complaint, but the next time I shop on-line -- I'll think twice before picking my reward site link.

well, 1 more follow up. I was satsisfied when Bill contacted me and explained the circumstances and he apologized for late checks and awful communication. He also said that whatever part of my check was withheld for Feb. I would still get in the future. That ebates was going to cover the cost, but then I got a email from customer service saying oops sorry your check was $22.00 short, and instead we are giving you a $10.00 gift code to use at a place you don't need anything. Sorry for not contacting you directly Bill, but I no longer had your email since I thought this was settled and contacting customer service does nothing. So, once again, I am very dissatisfied with ebates solution.

Here it is, March 3rd and I'm still waiting for my check that was supposingly sent on 2/22!. Initially Bill was helpful, advising that my check was sent out, however if I didn't receive it in a few days to contact him. Well, I didn't receive the check and did contact him. His reply was basically "be patient, you should get it". Then someone from customer service sent me an email stating my check was sent but wait THIRTY DAYS before contacting them aagain! Come on...30 days!!!...who ever heard of a check taking 30 days to reach you.
Being very disappointed in this whole scenario and quite a bit suspicious I too will be looking for a new shopping site. Ebates you used to rock...but certainly no longer!

This is my first experience with Ebates. My $51.00 payment was due on 2/15. It is now 3/4 and my account finally says "pending" and it also says that the next payment is due on 5/15. I certainly hope this doesn't mean that I have to wait until mid May to get my money. I am feeling pretty embarrassed because I had referred many friends and family members to Ebates. Now they are now in the same situation that I am in...no money, no replies to emails, no communication of any sort from Ebates about what is going on. We all understand about the economic hardships. Communication would have gone a long way toward smoothing things over with all of us. The lack of communication ahead of time makes it look like a scam to those who are new to Ebates. It is easier to be patient when given information. I was getting worried that my payment had gotten lost in the mail or something so I kept wasting time checking my account and writing emails that have been completely ignored.

Well said, Kimberly. Exactly what I was thinking. I have sent several emails regarding this situation, just looking for an update. No response. That alone will likely be enough to eliminate my future use of this site. Whether or not I ever get my check (my first, no less), right now I do feel scammed, horrible economic situation or not.

I too, began using Ebates during the holiday season, and was looking forward to receiving that Big Fat Check. So far, it's a big fat disappointment! I have send 2 emails inquiring about the Ebate and have not received any response. Only when I googled it did I find out it's a problem for others too. There's certainly no incentive to shop through Ebates when I can get the same price locally during a sale. It's a shame. . . the reviews WERE good.

So what is the status of all this? Obviously Circuit City cashback is going to be in limbo for a while, but for those of us who entirely missed the 2/15 payment and got moved to 5/15, will we be receiving THAT check?

Justin - assuming you have earned sufficient cash back (over $5.01 in cash back earnings, excluding promotions) you should absolutely be receiving payment in May.

If you e-mail me directly, I can tell you for certain whether or not you will be receiving a payment come May.

One of my transactions has still not posted to my account, and it has been almost 2 weeks. I emailed Customer Service about it, and was basically told that because it hadn't been more than 30 days, there was nothing that could be done. Great. That makes me feel REALLY confident about using ebates.

I joined ebates earlier this year because of my brother, they received check right on schedule (15th), for me however, I'm still waiting on my 1st. I have contacted customer service via email/website couple times, they finally responded and pretty much post some contents from Q&A, I now have $19.08, and they told me I didn't earn $5.01 cash back in that quarter? That REALLY makes sense.... I'll stop buying via ebates if I don't receive my check on Aug 15th.

Looks like Ebates is at it again...Here it is, June 2nd, 2010, and still no rebate checks
They did contact me finally and said they would Pay June 1st, now they say July 1st...what gives...

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