January 13, 2009

When You Can't Go On Vacation, Part 2

Similar to your favorite summertime song coming on shuffle mode to your iPod while commuting to work, an unsuspected item of clothing can transport you, even momentarily out of your daily life. While Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" does bring some fond summertime moments into mind, the second play back gets much more annoying than anything, and happy memories are quickly replaced by the single-minded desire to skip the song and delete it from your library forever. A more long-lasting fix for those times when you desperately feel like you need to get away but can't, is cheerful, spring-like garment that can be worn despite the Wintertime temperatures.

Floweprintscarf.jpgTake, for example, this Flower Print Scarf available at Gap, for just $29.50 with 3% cash back. Worn even with a robust Winter coat, this scarf exudes a warm-weather airiness, without making you look like you forgot it was cold outside. Plus, it is a great piece to transition you from Winter to Spring, being perfectly on point for next season's eclectic "boho" trend, while being simple enough to be casually elegant.

TurquoiseNecklace.jpgI couldn't help but include (even though it makes my obsession with Banana Republic Jewelry very obvious) this Turquoise-Hued Nugget Necklace, for $69 with 3% cash back. It reminds me of the gorgeous necklace Eva Mendes wore at the Golden Globes (for more about Golden Globes Fashion Check out Allie's post). This is the kind of rare item that flawlessly makes an outfit more exciting without being too contrived. For just under $70, you can spice up the sweater and trouser duo that dominates the outfit rotation this time of year and escape the routine.

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